Young people who were previously infected with corona are at risk of re-infection, they are not completely safe; Lancet claims search

Along with the changing nature of the Coronavirus, the threats associated with it are increasing. Coronavirus is constantly changing its shape and causing havoc around the world. Meanwhile, new research has emerged regarding the Corona virus. This research was conducted on corona virus infection in young adults. According to this research, young people who were previously infected with the Coronavirus are at risk of re-infection. Already infected with Corona, it is not considered safe against infection.

According to an observational study published in The Lancet Respiratory Medicine, previous infection with the Coronavirus does not completely protect young people from re-infection. This research indicates that vaccination is still necessary for young people to strengthen the immune system and reduce the spread of corona.

What did the study conclude?

The research was conducted on more than 3,000 healthy US Marines, most of them between the ages of 18 and 20. Researchers at Aykon College of Medicine in Mount Sinai, in the United States, emphasized that young people should be vaccinated wherever possible. They noted that despite previous infections and the presence of antibodies, enhanced immune responses, and re-infection, vaccination is still essential to prevent and limit transmission.

Professor Stuart Silphon from the Aikaha School of Medicine said that it is important that the corona continues to gain momentum even after the arrival of the vaccine, because despite having previously been infected with the Corona, the young man could be infected with the virus again and transmit it. To others.

How did the research happen?

In the study conducted between May and November 2020, about 10 percent of 189 participants or 19 who had previously contracted coronavirus (serum) were re-infected. This was compared to 50 percent (1,079 out of 2,247) of new infections for participants who had not previously been infected (negative). Although the study was in young marine recruits, the physique of which is mostly male, the researchers believe the revision risk found in their study would apply to many young men.

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