YOGI ADITYANATH got a Corona! He tweeted this information

YOGI ADITYANATH got a Corona!  He tweeted this information

Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has tested positive for COVID-19 and has self-isolate. He gave information about this by tweeting himself. Before that, some of his other employees also had coronavirus. Yogi Adityanath said all state government activities are running normally and urged those who have contacted him recently to test themselves.

He tweeted in Hindi, “I checked for COVID from the initial symptoms and my report came back positive. I am in self-isolation and continue to consult doctors completely. I do almost all the tasks.”

He spoke at the 11 team meetings scheduled to take place daily on the Corona situation on Tuesday. The Prime Minister wrote on Twitter, Tuesday, that some officials in his office had been infected with the Corona virus.

UP ranks second nationwide for coronavirus infection. And in Uttar Pradesh, the number of confirmed coronavirus cases increased by 204 percent last week. There were 18,021 new cases in a single day here on Tuesday. Within 24 hours, 85 patients died from COVID here. There are currently 95,000 980 positive cases in the state.

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