Worrying: Coronavirus has been reactivated by neglect in the midst of a controlled pandemic

Worrying: Coronavirus has been reactivated by neglect in the midst of a controlled pandemic

In the second wave of the Corona epidemic in the country, cases are increasing daily. For the first time in the past four months, 40,953 patients were found. After all, what happened is that the controlled epidemic is again out of control. Only human negligence is responsible for this.

Experts believe there are two reasons for the acceleration of the epidemic. The first is the neglect that people have shown in terms of deregulation and viruses to speed up the economy.

As a result, the situation is now getting worse. The country had fewer than ten thousand cases in February. Suddenly, the Corona outbreak intensified in March. As of March 20, an average of 31,651 cases were reported in the past seven days. Most of these cases have been reported in Maharashtra. Dr Sandeep Choudhury, MD at Dr Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital in Lucknow, says people are starting to deal with neglect while easing the lockdown. Weddings and other social events are also organized without any caution. Other similar activities are responsible for the spread of the virus in the country.

Heavy masks had to be removed from the face

If the pace of the epidemic slows, the mask could almost be removed from people’s faces, says Dr Vid Prakash, head of KGMU’s pulmonary critical care unit. Also, as a result of this, the virus got a chance to thrive. Now that the virus is spreading rapidly, it is difficult to estimate how infected a person is. In this case, understanding is important.

A true shield of social distance

Social distancing is the true shield of corona protection, but people completely ignore this shield of protection. From marriage to other religious occasions, social distancing has not been noticed, there is a large crowd in electoral states, and people are just getting bigger and bigger. Holly is close, so now it’s difficult to control Corona’s speed.

Treatment will be difficult if the number of patients increases

Doctors say the worrying thing is that if the number of sick people increases, it will be difficult for everyone to get hospital beds. As a result, patients will not receive treatment on time and the situation will become more dangerous. As a result of this, the graph of Corona deaths in the country will be sharp as well. It could be normal and difficult for seriously ill patients to die.

The super dispensers will be located in Ahmedabad

To prevent corona infection, the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation decided once again to recognize the “Super Distributor”. In light of this, people such as vegetable sellers, pharmacies, grocery stores, auto rickshaw drivers, salon owners and builders will have to obtain an ID card after testing for the virus. They will have a rapid antigen test. They will be given ID cards in case there is a negative report. Apart from these, those who work in the supermarket and food delivery will have to undergo an RT-PCR test. It will be the agency’s responsibility to assign them to take the tests in private laboratories.

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