Scientists create Nasal Vaccine to eliminate Corona


Corona virus, which is becoming a pandemic worldwide, has become a big problem for everyone today. Every day thousands of people are losing their lives due to the corona virus, so there are millions of people getting infected.

Diamond also said, ‘This vaccine has been good at preventing infection in mice. Researchers have used the spike protein of the virus to develop a nasal vaccine. Right now they are being tested by testing only on mice. Due to which positive results are being seen. It will be further tested extensively.

According to the study published in the journal Cell, the nasal vaccine is highly affected. It is also helpful in improving immunity.

It was tested on Trial On Rats. In which it was found very effective. It has proved to be very effective in the nose and respiratory system and prevents the infection from spreading throughout the body by blocking the way.

Researcher Michael S. Diamond of Washington University School of Medicine has said that inserting this vaccine into the upper nasal cell showed a strong immune system, which is a good indication.

Everyday scientists are doing different research on the vaccine to beat the coronavirus. In this regard, scientists from Washington University School of Medicine in America have prepared such a vaccine.

Which can be given through the nose. It is also known as Nasal Vaccine. Researchers claim that corona virus will be eliminated as soon as one dose is put in the nose.


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