Mauritius declared emergency after oil spill


Mauritius, a neighbor of Hindustan (India) in the Indian Ocean, declared an ‘environmental emergency’ late on Friday after a leak of several tons of fuel from a Japanese ship stranded off the coast.

Pictures taken from the satellite showed dark oily matter circulating in water near environmental areas that the government described as ‘highly sensitive’.

Appeal for aid from France
Mauritius has said that the Japanese ship MV Wakashio had about 4000 tons of fuel, the leak has been described as very dangerous. The country’s PM Pravind Jugnauth had earlier in the afternoon said that his government was appealing to France for help. He also said that the disaster that came in the form of leakage is a ‘threat’ to his country with a population of about 1.3 million, which is completely dependent on tourism.

The corona virus is already severely affected due to the effects of the global epidemic. He said, “Our country does not have the skills and knowledge to rebuild stranded ships, so I have appealed to France and President Emanuel Macron for assistance.” ‘

He said that action has become impossible due to inclement weather and ‘I am worried about what will happen on Sunday when the weather will become more useless. ‘

Condition deteriorated due to bad weather
According to the PM, “His country has neither preparedness nor technical skills to deal with such a situation, so I have appealed to France and President Emmanuel Macro for assistance.” In his statement, he also said that the condition has worsened due to the inclement weather and I am worried that by Sunday it can get more difficult.

In the online ship tracker, it was seen that the ship flagged from Panama was going from China to Brazil. And as soon as the crack in its lower surface was detected, the team started a drive to evacuate the ship. At the same time, about 400 C Booms have been installed to control the condition.

The official statement said that the ship reached there on July 25, when the first message of assistance was sent to the team of the National Coast Guard. At the same time, the government has issued a police investigation order.


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