Wheelchair Promotion: Mamata said he came on the roads of Kolkata – the general pain is more than mine

Wheelchair Promotion: Mamata said he came on the roads of Kolkata - the general pain is more than mine

Five states in the country, including West Bengal, have House elections. All political parties are busy with election campaigning. West Bengal State Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee is on a roadshow for the first time after he was injured in an alleged attack. After that, a meeting will also be held in Kolkata.

He will address the gathering in the Hazara

Kolkata: Prime Minister Mamata Banerjee is taking a promotional tour on a yacht by the Gandhi Idol. He will speak at a rally in the Hazara.

Mamta is doing a promotional tour

“We will continue fighting without fear. I am still in great pain, but more than that I feel the pain of my people. We have suffered a lot in the struggle to protect our country and we are ready for more suffering, but we will continue the struggle to save our land. You will not bow before it,” Mamta wrote on Twitter. One.

My battle will continue in full force: Mamta

Before the promotional campaign, Mamta Banerjee tweeted that my fight in full force will continue. The pain of the people of the state is greater than my pain.

There is no evidence of an attack on Mamta

The Election Commission called a meeting to discuss the observers ’report and the Secretary General regarding the alleged attack on Mamata Banerjee. After discussing the report, the commission said there was no evidence of an attack on Mamta. it was an accident.

Suvendu Adhikar TMC Targeted

While targeting the Transitional Military Council, BJP leader and party candidate from Nandigram Suvindo Adhikari said that those promoting the officers responsible for the police release are not entitled to celebrate Nandigram Day.

A protest against sofendo adhikari

Transitional Military Council activists protested in Nandigram and raised slogans against BJP candidate Sufendu Adhikari.

A special stage is set for Mamta

After a while, Mamta Banerjee will do a promotional tour from Gandhi idol to Hazara in Kolkata. At the same time, a special platform has been set up for her in Hazara, where she will address people only in a wheelchair.

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