What is exit polls: exit polls from five state council elections today, find out what it is and how it is done

What is exit polls: exit polls from five state council elections today, find out what it is and how it is done

Voters from four states – Assam, Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Puducherry – gave their ruling to elect a new government in five states of the country. Today, assembly elections will be completed in five states once the election of the eighth round in West Bengal is completed. On the second of next May, the results of the five states’ elections will appear, but before that the poll on polling day will give an estimate of his government that will be formed in these states. Polls were revealed after the election. We tell you what polling day poll is. How is the exit vote

What is an exit poll?

Exit poll is part of the survey. When a voter leaves the polling station after casting his vote, he asks for whom he voted. This process is done on a large scale and the results that are widely visible are called opinion polls. Exit poll appears after voting has ended.

Why exit surveys?

The pollster collects the demographic data of the voter to find out what factors were behind the person who voted for. Since the votes made by the people are secret. Such a survey is the only way in which this information can be collected. The credit for introducing the exit in India goes to Eric de Costa, president of the Indian Institute of Public Opinion. He was the first person to test the mood of the public with the help of a poll at the exit during the election.

How do you exit surveys?

The votes cast at different booths during voting are not uniform and there is a change in the voting pattern from morning to evening. In such a situation, only one survey conducted throughout the day can give a false picture. So polls basically calculate oscillation (oscillation) and turnout. In each election, pollsters return to the same booth they visited every time. He goes to the booth at the same time as his last visit. Then the data collected is compared with previous surveys. Then a calculation is made of how the vote-sharing fluctuates in the council district. This volatility is applied in another constituency of the same type and then the results that appear in the exit poll appear.

Exit poll block

In the early days, the speed at which polls gained popularity, the faster it hit political parties. Therefore, all parties began calling for a ban on him en masse. In 1999, the Electoral Commission, by executive order, banned opinion polls and polls at the polls. A newspaper challenged this commission order in the Supreme Court. The court canceled the order, stating that the commission does not have the authority to issue such orders and that the consensus of all parties on any issue does not constitute the basis for legal sanctions against it.

Try again

Just before the 2009 Lok Sabha elections, the call to ban it began again in full swing. Therefore, the committee wrote a letter to the Ministry of Law to immediately decree changes to the law in the context of the ban. In 2009, the United Progressive Alliance government amended the People’s Representation Act of 1951. According to the amended law, a ballot cannot be held during the election process until the final vote has been cast. Survey results cannot be viewed or published.

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