West Bengal: The mother of a BJP worker died in the assault, Amit Shah accused TMC

West Bengal: The mother of a BJP worker died in the assault, Amit Shah accused TMC

Before the West Bengal Council elections, TMC activists were accused of beating and beating the elderly mother of BJP worker Gopal Majumdar, Sobha Mazumdar, at home. There was a lot of hype about this incident. The Poster War breaks out in Bengal. Shabha Mazumdar, 85, died on Monday morning. The BJP once again surrounded the Transitional Military Council after the killing of Sobha Mazumdar. The National Chairman of the BJP JB Nada and Federal Minister of Interior Amit Shah have tweeted informing them of the death of Sobha Majumdar. She simultaneously attacked the TMC regarding this.

85-year-old Sobha Mazumdar, mother of a BJP worker who lives in Nimta district in North Parganas District 24, West Bengal, has passed away. Interior Minister Amit Shah expressed his grief on Twitter. Amit Shah tweeted that the mind is disturbed by the death of Bengal’s daughter Sobha Mazumdar Ji. TMC men beat her so brutally that she lost her life. He said the pains and wounds of the Shobha Mazumdar family would not leave Mamta Dede’s hunt for a long time. Bengal will fight for a tomorrow free of violence. Bengal will fight for a safe country for our sisters and mothers.

Targeting the Transitional Military Council that besieges the BJP

BJP IT cell chief Amit Malviya tweeted, “This Bengali daughter was also someone’s mother, someone’s sister, she’s now dead.” They were beaten by TMC workers and Mama Banerjee didn’t even say two words of sympathy for them. Who will heal his family’s wounds now? TMC’s violent policies have damaged the spirit of Bengal. “

The BJP will continue to fight for the safety of the mother and her daughter:

BJP Chairman JB Nada said God bless the soul of the old mother Shobha Mazumdar Ji. Ibn Gopal Majumdar lost his life as a BJP worker. His sacrifice will always be remembered. She was also the mother of Bengal, daughter of Bengal. The BJP will always fight for the safety of mother and daughter.

TMC explained, he said – We have nothing to do,

Military transport MP Sujata Roy defended the incident. He said there had been a dispute with the TMC worker a month ago in front of the home of BJP worker Gopal Majumdar. In this, Gopal fell, his mother thought that my son had been attacked, so she also ran, fell and was injured. He died of various illnesses. I am sorry for her death, but I have nothing to do with his son or the TMC

What is it all about?

Workers of the BJP Gopal Majumdar and his 85-year-old mother, Shuba Mazumdar, were attacked by miscreants at Nimta in North 24 Parganas District. Shabha said that my son was beaten because he works for the BJP, and two people also pushed me, my son was hit in the head and arm, and I was also injured. The ghost of Mazumdar said that I could not speak or sit properly, the number of miscreants was from three to four and they covered their faces, and they asked my son to shut up and ask someone not to say the word either. We have been beaten because my son works with the BJP.

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