West Bengal: Politics takes violent shape, bombings near the home of a BJP MP, three people, including children, injured

West Bengal: Politics takes violent shape, bombings near the home of a BJP MP, three people, including children, injured

State policies are taking a violent form in relation to Vidhan Sabha to be held in Bengal. On the day from here, violent clashes break out in an election program or party rally, in which a party worker and sometimes a leader were injured. Something similar happened last Wednesday. Indeed, in Jagdal in North 24 Barganas, the home of BJP member Arjun Singh was reportedly attacked with an improvised bomb, injuring three people, including a child.

Arjun Singh is a BJP parliamentarian from Parakpur and the accident happened on 18th Street near his home. According to the deputy, the bomb attacks were carried out in about 15 places, and three people and their aides broke the security cameras installed by the police. Now the BJP says it will file a complaint about these attacks with the Election Commission.

BJP leader Kailash Vijayvarjia accused the Trinamol conference of responding to the incident. He said the Transitional Military Council is synonymous with politics of violence. Even after the code of conduct got into effect, the goons are bombing and firing bullets there. The Election Commission should take this as a warning, otherwise we doubt that the vote will take place in a peaceful manner.

Unidentified persons reportedly threw bombs on Street No. 17, but the bombs reached Ward No. 18 in Bhatapara Municipality. An atmosphere of fear prevailed among the locals after the bombing, which began in the evening. Once the Jagdal police arrived on the scene shortly after the accident, a bomb was allegedly dropped in front of them. After that, locals began to protest in front of the police.

It is said that after this incident, BJP member, Arjun Singh, arrived at the scene and reprimanded the police department. He said, ‘We reported to the police 10 to 12 days ago, but the police took no action. We also informed the election commission, and during this period the bombing incident occurred again. And wounded in this attack, three people, including a child. Indeed, the police did not take any action, they did so on the instructions of the ruling party.

Arjun Singh also warned that if the police do not take steps against it, the game will be very dangerous and the Trinamall and their sons conference will come to an end. He also claimed that an atmosphere of fear is created so that the audience does not vote. However, it was not immediately clear who was behind the bombing.

At the same time, TMC candidate Somnath Shyam said in the Jagdal Association constituency, “As I know, I came here because it is not a political dispute. We have no enmity with the opposition parties. We still doubt how and why the bombing happened. We informed the police department and asked them to act. Without any political pressure.

Significantly, BJP leader Shobhindo Adhikari organized a protest outside a police station in East Midnapur district on Wednesday, alleging that TMC activists attacked a BJP supporter Buddhadaib Manna. Meanwhile, one day earlier, a portion of the vehicle used in the BJP’s Rath Yatra in Purulia was destroyed by some unknown miscreants. In such a case, the BJP claimed that the Transitional Military Council was behind the incident, while the Transitional Military Council denied the charge.

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