West Bengal Association elections: Prime Minister Modi said, on May 2, the public will give Didi’s testimony to the former prime minister

West Bengal Association elections: Prime Minister Modi said, on May 2, the public will give Didi's testimony to the former prime minister

Addressing an election meeting at Ninga Airport in Asansol on Saturday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that the TMC clause is fragmented in the four-stage ballot. Didi and Bhaybo tickets will be cut in the remaining four stages.

The people of Bengal have made up their mind for a change

The prime minister said that on May 2, the public will give Didi the former prime minister’s certificate, which he has been around for life. With the formation of the BJP government after May 2, Kisan Samman Nidhi will already be decided in the government. So that the amount of 18 thousand goes directly to the account of the farmer. A speedy trial court will be established for rape to protect the woman’s honor. Mafia rule in Bengal will end. The law will rule.

He will perform his duty responsibly with the police and management and the BJP workers will always be ready to serve the people. Diddy is said to have become a roadblock in all of the center’s care plans. It considers itself above the constitution. Not only has Didi’s policy reached a dead end, it has crossed the line of revenge. Who could forget the Asansol and Ranigang riots three years ago? Many people lost their life income in these riots. One vote will end all Raj Mafia from here. Understand the value of your one vote. There was a massive flood at Modi’s meeting. Corona’s instructions were fully followed during the meeting.

It was during this time that the prime minister said Diddy had a long-standing habit of politics on corpses. He said you must have heard an audio tape of what happened in Coach Bihar. Didi practices politics after the deaths of five people. In this audio tape, the leader of Kochbahar TMC is asked to stage a march with the bodies of the five dead.

He further said: Didi, how far will you go to the voting bank? In fact, Diddy contemplated her political gain through those deaths. Didi politics is the old practice of politics over corpses. “

He said that people from all over India come here to work in factories like this, from bicycles to railways, from paper to steel, from aluminum to glass. In a way, Asansol is Mini India. People from all over India are seen here, but the misrule of Bengal has affected Asansol.

Prime Minister Modi said: Didi has fooled you in the name of development in the past 10 years. It stood like a wall in front of Vikas. The center provided free healthcare facilities amounting to 5,000 rupees, and it became a wall. The center enacted laws to aid refugees, and they also opposed it.

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