Weather updates: Bad weather in Haryana, Upp Bihar, rain in Kerala including Delhi NCR, and Arunachal Pradesh

Weather updates: Bad weather in Haryana, Upp Bihar, rain in Kerala including Delhi NCR, and Arunachal Pradesh

The rainy season continues in northern India. Even today, torrential rains accompanied by cold winds have been recorded in many regions of Jharkhand including Delhi-NCR, Bengal, Arunachal Pradesh Kerala and Haryana Bihar. The Meteorological Department provided its latest information. Tauktae has affected these states for the past several days, bringing people relief from the heat in May. According to the report, the weather will remain pleasant until May 24, after which the heat will begin to show its position.

Even UP the weather was fine (UP Weather Updates)

Amidst the scorching heat, the weather in the UP has changed completely this week. As the temperature decreased, people perceived the cold. The weather has been nice in the UP regions since this morning. According to the report, the temperature in Varanasi dropped to 12 degrees and people were feeling cold at night.

Western unrest weakens in Haryana

If we talk about the weather in Haryana, then here too, rain has been recorded for the past several days. It’s cloudy this morning too. In May, people get cold. According to the report, Western unrest is now weakening. Therefore, there is no heavy rain in the city at the moment. However, there was a slight drizzle over some areas of the city last night. Meanwhile, a storm hit Ludhiana in Ludhiana, Punjab, just after 2 am on Friday. The storm lasted about half an hour and trees were uprooted in many places. Electricity was cut off in many areas. After half the time, rain was recorded here.

Weather in Uttarakhand likely to remain normal as of today (Uttarakhand Weather Update)

Normal weather is expected in Uttarakhand as of today. It’s been raining here for two days. According to the meteorological center, there could be thunderstorms in Kumin on Friday as well. The weather is expected to remain normal in Garhwal for the next few days.

Rainy winds accompanied by cold winds in Delhi (Delhi weather today)

Since the morning, rain was recorded in the capital, Delhi, with cold winds. The weather in the capital has remained pleasant for the past several days. Aside from Delhi, NCR cities have experienced slow or heavy rainfall.

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