Vaccine complaint: haemorrhagic and thrombotic incidents present in India after vaccination

Vaccine complaint: haemorrhagic and thrombotic incidents present in India after vaccination

As in Britain, haemorrhage and thrombosis have been reported in India after vaccination. So far, the government has denied these incidents, but on Monday, the national team was formed from the negative effects after the vaccination confirmed this.

According to them, after taking the vaccine until April, 23 thousand harmful effects were reported in the country, among them 498 people also experienced serious effects. When the medical condition of these patients was reviewed, it was found that 26 patients had complaints of haemorrhage and thrombosis. All of these people have had the Coffeeshield vaccine. No such effect was found in those taking cofaxine. However, compared to vaccination data, the team found that only 0.61 of the 10 million Kovishield supplements in the country had this complaint.

According to the team, as of April 3 this year, 7,54,35,381 people have been vaccinated, of whom 6,86,50,819 have taken Kovishield and 67,84,562 have taken the Kovaxin vaccine. During that time, there have been complaints of bleeding and blood clots following the vaccination in the UK. Then the national team began reviewing these cases. During that time 65,944,106 people took the first dose and 9491,275 people took the second dose. During the review, it was found that 23 thousand of these people had complained of post-vaccination problems. All of these complaints were filed in 684 counties out of 753 through the Kovin website.

Much lower than in the UK

In this case, the Department of Health says there have been four such cases recorded in the UK with a million people. In Germany, 10 in every million people received complaints of bleeding and blood clots after vaccination. In India, this number is only 0.61. So far, more than Rs 16.42 crore of Coffeeshield supplements have been introduced in the country. Therefore, the government is constantly monitoring these cases.

People also submitted fewer complaints

Experts say adverse events in India are also low in government statistics because people are treated in hospital after a day or two of problems after getting vaccinated. He never contacted the Kovin website or the Nodal Immunization official. And the International Center for Emergency Medicine (ICMR) had given the option of a vaccine in the Corona examination form only last month. Therefore, this number may be lower.

Two members of the national team also agreed, who witnessed the negative effects of vaccination. They say more than Rs 16 crores have acquired Coffeeshield. There are many people whose condition has deteriorated even after getting vaccinated and arriving in the intensive care unit. Such cases are being reviewed. However, he said the vaccine is completely safe. People do not need to panic. If in some cases there is difficulty, treatment is also available.

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