Vaccination: register for those over 18 years old from tomorrow, vaccination will start from May 1, find out how much vaccine stock the states have

Vaccination: register for those over 18 years old from tomorrow, vaccination will start from May 1, find out how much vaccine stock the states have

In light of the continuous increase in the number of Corona patients in the country, the central government announced the introduction of a Covid vaccine for all people over the age of 18, whose registration process will start tomorrow, starting from April 28. People over the age of 18 will be vaccinated with the Coronavirus starting May 1. For this purpose, several state governments, including Delhi and Maharashtra, have announced the introduction of the free vaccine. In such a case, the question is how much the vaccine stock is, while many countries raise questions about this topic.

States governed by Congress raise their hands

The third phase of the Kovid vaccination is scheduled to begin on May 1 in the country. Indeed, the congressional states of Punjab, Chhattisgarh, Rajasthan and Jharkhand have raised concerns about the availability of the Corona vaccine. Chief Minister of Rajasthan, Ashok Jhelot, said that between 18 and 45 years, Rs 2.90 crore will be given a free vaccine. It is a matter of spending Rs 3,000 crore by the state government. Meanwhile, State Health Minister Raghu Sharma said that from the central government, the vaccine is said to be given to those over the age of 18 from May 1, but when I spoke at the serum institute, I knew that the order was still issued by the central government, It will take May 15th to complete it.

Surin – said vaccine production hijacking center

Chief Minister of Jharkhand State, Hemant Surin, said that from May 1, people over the age of 18 will receive the Corona vaccine for free, but only two days after this announcement, the government raised its hand. The state health minister declared that the central government had hijacked the vaccine production. We cannot buy vaccines from them.

We don’t have a vaccine, so how do we ride, the captain said

We only have four lakh vaccines left, Captain CM Punjab Amarinder Singh said. If the vaccine is not provided by the center, how can we vaccinate everyone from May 1. The central government said the vaccine should be given from May 1, but we don’t have the vaccine at all. Punjab Health Minister Balbir Singh Sido said that if a vaccine was not available, we would have no means of administering it.

We don’t have vaccine stocks, Bagel said

Chhattisgarh Chief Minister Bhubish Padiel said that vaccination cannot start from May 1 because we do not have the vaccine at all.

Everyone will get the free vaccine in Delhi

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said that the Delhi government will provide free coronavirus vaccine to all 18-year-olds in the city. For this, a 1.34 crore dose was approved for purchase. The government will make efforts to speed up the purchase of vaccines and vaccinate people. Kejriwal said the cost of the Kovid-19 vaccines should be the same and the center appealed to the prices to be reduced. And he appealed to the vaccine producers to lower prices, believing that the time has come to help humanity and not make a profit.

Yogi government ordered

In Uttar Pradesh, the Covid vaccine for those over 18 will be free from May 1. The government has speeded up its preparations. Requests for 5-50 lakh vaccines have been sent to KovidShield Maker Serum Institute and Kovaxin Manufacturer Bharat Biotech.

Maharashtra: Many centers are closed now, and what will happen after May 1

The largest number of coronavirus cases has been reported in Maharashtra. Meanwhile, there have been reports of many vaccine centers being closed due to vaccine shortages. 37 of the 73 vaccination centers opened in Mumbai on Sunday. Here, too, priority has been given to those who take the most other doses. Maharashtra state officials say that according to the center’s new guidelines, the state will have to arrange the vaccine itself. The government has written to the India Vaccine Serum Institute (SII) and Biotech Bars, but has yet to receive a formal response.

Request a 45 lakh vaccine from the Shivraj government

The state government of Madhya Pradesh has announced that the Coronavirus vaccine will be offered free of charge to those over the age of 18. It will start on May 1 and the government has placed the first order of 4.5 million coffeeshields. The government submitted the first application to the Serum Institute due to the Kovishield’s low price. It will cost Rs 180 crores. The Ministry of Health said that 45 doses of lakh are expected to reach the state before May 1. The price of Coffeeshield is lower than the original Cofaxine. Kovaxin dosage is Rs 600 while Kovishield dosage will be available from Serum Institute for Rs 400.

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