US expert Dr Fauci’s advice to India in a battle with Kovid-19, know what was said

US expert Dr Fauci’s advice to India in a battle with Kovid-19, know what was said

Describing the situation caused by the Covid-19 pandemic in India as worrying, the chief US health expert, Dr. Anthony Fauci, has made some suggestions to the government to help address it. He advised the Government of India to use all resources to deal with the epidemic. He said that work must be done to temporarily change vacant places such as schools, colleges, offices and others to hospitals, including the armed forces. At the same time, assistance should be sought from other countries not only for material resources but also for human resources.

The 80-year-old doctor advised Fauci to speed up the vaccination process and said: “Now the vaccine should be given to as many people as possible.” This advice was given by the American expert after the number of injuries in the country exceeded 20 million. Meanwhile, the total number of infections in the United States is 32 million and since the start of the epidemic, 577,000 have died here so far.

Be closed for a few weeks

In an interview with Prater, Fossey also advised a nationwide lockdown. He also said that it is not necessarily only for 6 months but that it should be carried out for a few weeks for the chain to break. It is noteworthy that the Fosi Foundation is working to prevent Corona infection globally, as cases of infection are increasing rapidly in India.

India’s plea for the world for help

Dr Fauci described the situation in India as extremely worrying due to Kovid-19. Apart from that, he appealed to other countries of the world to come forward to help India. “The world can send human resources along with basic commodities to help India,” he said. He also said, “When many people are infected at one time, it is not easy to stop it. In such circumstances, not everyone is properly cared for. Apart from this, when the hospital suffers from a shortage of beds and a lack of oxygen, the condition worsens.” At this time, India needs help from all over the world.

Get the vaccine from other countries

Fauci said: “ First and foremost, the vaccine should be given to the many people who need the vaccine. They must also obtain vaccine supplies from other countries. Whether it is America or Russia. He also said that a vaccine will not eliminate the problem immediately, but that it may take a few weeks.

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