UP: Uncle killed his nephew with an ax!

UP: Uncle killed his nephew with an ax!

A heart-wrenching case emerged from Gorakhpur district in Uttar Pradesh state. On Monday night, a drug addict attacked his nephew and brother with an ax at Unchagaon in the Belipar district here.

In the attack, Shivam, the accused’s 12-year-old nephew, died on the spot, while the brother was taken to the district hospital in Gambier. The police arrived at the scene after obtaining information about the accident and arrested the accused uncle.

According to reports, Dukhran’s son, Shivam, a resident of Harijan Basti, was asleep on Monday. At the same time, the drunk uncle came and started beating him.

And when he saw this, the child’s father rescued him from the accused. Meanwhile, the accused attacked the child with an ax that was nearby. When you get in, he also attacks the child’s father.

The child died immediately of severe head injuries while the injured father was hospitalized. The police have begun to act on their behalf in this regard. However, it is not yet known why the accused attacked the family members.

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