Udaipur: He removed the police uniform, tied it to a tree and hit it badly, and accused of illegal ties

Udaipur: He removed the police uniform, tied it to a tree and hit it badly, and accused of illegal ties

In Udaipur, Rajasthan, a policeman was beaten to death by village youth by tying them to a tree. The policeman is alleged to have had an unlawful relationship with the village widow for two years. According to information from the media, Lalu Ram Khardi, a policeman in Rajpura Bangati, was seen in the home of a woman in a rejected condition. Then the villagers stripped the policeman, hit them, and tied them to the tree with a rope. This video is increasingly spread on social media.

I had an illicit relationship with a woman for two years

According to the media, the Ghantali police arrived upon receiving the information and took the policeman with them. At present, the policeman has been admitted to the nearest hospital. . The villagers said the policeman had been in contact with the woman for the past two years. The woman’s husband died a few years ago. The woman trades in illegal alcoholic beverages. Meanwhile, the policeman says he gave the woman 15,000 rupees. I went to the woman’s house to take the same. But people came from behind and started to fight with me. Many times I wanted to say my words to people, but people were not ready to accept it. The villagers beat me naked. However, the police arrived at the scene and rescued him. Police said Officer Lal Alurum Khardi had been stationed at the Pipalcount Police Station a year ago.

Police launched an investigation into the case

Officer Lal Oncology Khardi was stationed at Belkhont Police Station for one year. The official in charge of the police station said that Laluram Kharadi had registered a case against villagers by stripping them of their clothes and tying them to it naked. Besides, Lending Women 15K Rupees report is also written in the report. An investigation is underway. Actions will be taken in this regard soon.

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