Typhoon Tauktae: The Tauktae weakened after hitting the coast of Gujarat, and 18 people have died so far

Typhoon Tauktae: The Tauktae weakened after hitting the coast of Gujarat, and 18 people have died so far

Severe cyclonic storm Taut hit the coast of Saurashtra, Gujarat state Monday night, during which time winds moved at 185 kilometers per hour. Earlier, due to the cyclone, Mumbai received torrential rain, and more than two people had to be evacuated to safer places in Gujarat.

Typhoon Toute weakened after hitting the coast of Gujarat

Indian Meteorological Department said Tuesday that Typhoon Toute is weak after it hit the Gujarat coast between Dew and Una in the Saurashtra region at midnight on Monday. State officials said there were no reports of casualties due to the campaign and that the storm was now weakening. The Meteorological Department tweeted after midnight that Toute had now weakened from a “ very severe tornado storm ” to a “ severe typhoon storm. ” “The front of the hurricane has passed through the coast and now recently it is also moving towards land,” the management wrote on Twitter.

Total 18 dead so far

Six people died in Konkan, Maharashtra state on Monday from Toute. Three were killed in Raygad, one in Sindorg, and two in Navi Mumbai. Apart from this, eight people have died in Karnataka. On Sunday, four people lost their lives in Toute. Thus, there have been 18 deaths in Maharashtra, Goa, Karnataka and Kerala so far. So far, 333 houses, 644 poles, 147 transformers, 57 kilometers of roads, 57 networks and 104 boats have been damaged in Karnataka.

Gujarat: Strong winds and rain in Amereli

Amreeli in Gujarat is experiencing strong winds and rain with strong winds.

Rainfall in Haryana, Ob and Rajasthan – Department of Meteorology

According to the Indian Meteorological Department, some areas of Haryana, Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan are likely to have light to moderate rain in the next two hours.

146 people have been rescued from the storm so far – Ministry of Defense

So far, 146 people have been rescued from the cyclone. Defense PRO gave this information. He informed that the IAF is conducting aerial search with the P8I.

Trees were uprooted in Mumbai in a thunderstorm

Trees are uprooted in the storm in Mumbai’s Ballard Estate, and the NDRF team is busy clearing them.

132 people were rescued stranded at sea

The Indian Navy said 132 people trapped at sea have so far been rescued under adverse conditions. Let us know that about 400 people were trapped in the ship near the sea in Mumbai. Three navy warships were deployed to protect them.

The NDRF team got involved

Last night, the NDRF team removed fallen trees on roads in Tahitur, Mumbai, in Dahisar.

The army also converged on the front

Soldiers were also busy removing fallen trees in the strong storm on the road between Somnath and Diu in Gujarat. Soon the movement of vehicles began here.

Strong winds accompany rain in Unna, Saurashtra

Strong winds accompanied the rain in Unna, Saurashtra near Dew.

The northeast increased at a speed of 11 km

According to IMD, Storm Toute has moved north-northeast at 11 kilometers per hour for the past six hours.

Corona patients switched

Patients at the Covid Care Center in Vadodara, Gujarat state, have been transferred to other locations.

TReese has fallen for many places in Gujarat, Daman Dieu

Roads were cut due to logging in several places in Gujarat Somnath and Union Territory in Daman and Diu.

Scene of devastation in Una, Gujarat

View of the devastation inflicted on the city of Una, in Gujarat state, after a storm of Tut passes.

Heavy Cyclonic Storm Tut wreaked havoc in Gujarat, Maharashtra and Daman Dieu Monday night. Hundreds of homes collapsed and thousands of trees uprooted. At the same time, as a result, two boats moved away from the coast to the Arabian Sea, with 410 people on board.

The Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) said the tornado struck at a speed of 133 kilometers per hour in the Dew Federal Territory during the night when the typhoon struck around 9:30 pm.

Manorama Mohanty, Assistant Director of the Gujarat Meteorological Center, said that Hurricane Tut is the deadliest cyclone to hit Gujarat in the past 23 years and will strike somewhere between Diu province and Mahova city in Bhavnagar district.

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