Those who have a Jan Dhan account should read this!

Those who have a Jan Dhan account should read this!

The central government gave Jean Dan account facilities to the people. People get many facilities when it is opened. But if you want to take advantage of insurance, your account must be linked to your Aadhaar card. If you don’t, you may incur a loss of 1.3 lakhs.

The Rupay debit card is given to people on this account. It provides accident insurance with a value of 1 lakh.

You get accident insurance coverage for Rs 30,000 only when you link the account. Therefore, you must tie it to your base.

To link them, you have to take a copy of the Aadhaar card in the bank, your ledger. Several banks also link Aadhaar through messages.

State Bank of India customers go to their registered mobile number in the message box and write the UID Aadhaar number and send it to 567676, and your bank account will be linked to Aadhaar. But if your bank number and Aadhaar number are different, they will not be linked to your account.

This way, you get a facility to withdraw 5,000 rupees, on the account of Prime Minister Jean Dahan, clients get an overdraft facility of 5,000 rupees.

Benefits of Jan Dhan Account:

>> Overdraft facility after 6 months

>> Life coverage of up to Rs 30,000, available according to eligibility conditions on the death of the beneficiary.

>> Accident insurance coverage up to Rs 2

>> Free mobile banking facilities are provided with the account.

>> Interest is available on deposits.

>> It’s easy to purchase insurance and pension products with Jan Dhan’s account.

>> A Jan Dhan Account Opener is given a RuPay debit card with which he can withdraw money from the account or make a purchase. >> If there is a Jan Dhan account, then the account will be opened for pensions in programs like PM Kisan and Shramayogi Maandhan.

>> A nationwide money transfer facility

>> The funds are directly included in the government scheme interest calculation.

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