The transfer has been curtailed … but it will take two and a half months to recover from the second wave

The transfer has been curtailed ... but it will take two and a half months to recover from the second wave

It may still take a long time for the country to emerge from the second wave of Corona. The infection has decreased in some parts over the past two weeks, but the current situation one may have to wait two to two and a half months to return to the old state.

According to central government experts, it is estimated that new cases of infection began to increase from March. Currently, more than 36 patients are undergoing treatment in the country. This number may have to wait from July to August for one to two lakhs to arrive.

During the second wave, the pace of transition to rural areas increased, adding to the challenges of the government. The country will have to wait a few more months to reach the status of last February.

It is dangerous to open the city once the infection subsides

The International Forensic Medical Conference called for a 6-week lockdown to control the situation in areas with more coronavirus infections. Areas with an infection rate greater than 10 percent, says Dr Palaram Bhargava, Director of ICMR, should be locked down for another 6 to 8 weeks. Currently, three-quarters of the country’s 718 regions are highly affected. These include cities like Delhi, Mumbai, and Bangalore.

Dr Bhargava said that restrictions should only be removed if the infection rate drops to five percent. But, it will take 6-8 months for this to happen so you shouldn’t rush management.

Given the example of Delhi, he said that earlier the infection rate here was 35 per cent, which has now risen to 17 per cent, but if the lockdown is removed now, it would be dangerous.

Bhargava admitted that there was anarchy in militancy about the second wave. The National Task Force meeting on April 15 recommended lockdowns in areas with an infection rate of 10 percent, but implementation has been delayed.

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