The third wave: There are no signs of an impact on children

The third wave: There are no signs of an impact on children

AIIMS director, Dr Randeep Jolleria, says children are already under great stress due to the coronavirus. Their education has been severely affected. Additionally, the use of smartphones and the Internet has increased rapidly. This has an effect on children’s behavior. In such a situation, people would have to be saved from a theory such as saving children from the third wave. There are no signs of extreme or arrogant children in the third wave.

Dr. Juliria said it was wrong to say that the Coronavirus only affects children. Because throughout the year, the infection is observed to occur in every age group, but the age is more than 45 years, especially in the elderly.

Their defense methods are the same for all of us. Such as face masks, staying away from the crowds, and frequent hand washing habits. Such scientific evidence has not yet been found, on the basis of which one can say that children will be more affected, and not the elderly, in the third or fourth wave. This is completely wrong. People become stressed by speaking this way.

We all need to avoid these discussions right away. However, attention must be paid to the safety of children or their families. We hope we are not so neglectful that even safety measures are forgotten.

There is no evidence of infection in children in the third wave

Dr. Juliria, Director of AIIMS Delhi, said that in the first and second waves of Corona, it was observed that very few children had been infected. So far, the third wave of Corona is unlikely to see children contracting the Coronavirus.

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