The Supreme Court has imposed a ban on the contempt order of the Delhi Supreme Court, the center said for giving 700 metric tons of oxygen to the capital.

The Supreme Court has imposed a ban on the contempt order of the Delhi Supreme Court, the center said for giving 700 metric tons of oxygen to the capital.

A hearing was held in the Supreme Court today on the issue of oxygen supply in all states including Delhi. The Supreme Court suspended the Delhi High Court order in contempt of central government officials. The court said, “We will take information about the show until midnight today at 10:30 am tomorrow morning.” The government must also inform us of the scheme and arrangement to ensure the supply.

The Supreme Court said that the global Covid epidemic in Delhi is in a very dangerous phase and thus requested details from the center about the oxygen supply that had been made in the past three days. The Supreme Court said, “Center officials and Delhi should speak to officials in Mumbai within the next three days and take the necessary steps based on the experiences gained from them.” We’ll also see at Monday’s hearing whether a scientific review is needed to lead unbiased experts to improve oxygen supply. Let us know that the ongoing hearing of the ongoing oxygen crisis in Delhi was underway at the Delhi High Court, but now on Wednesday, the central government has moved the Supreme Court.

Center reprimanded by the Supreme Court

Regarding the central government formula, Judge Chandrashud said that this whole formula is based on guesswork only. The situation may be different in each state. Each zone can be different. States peak at different times. In such a case, you cannot calculate only one method. The situation is very bad in Delhi at the moment. You have to tell us what you did on May 3, 4 and 5. The center says they gave 433 metric tons of oxygen on May 3, and 585 metric tons of oxygen on May 4. During the hearing, Judge Chandrashud questioned how much oxygen I had given Delhi. He also asked how the center in the Supreme Court said that the Supreme Court had not ordered the supply of 700 metric tons of oxygen to Delhi. The central government told the court that there wasn’t much oxygen demand before April, but it has now increased surprisingly. In such a case, the Supreme Court stated that it is the center’s responsibility to follow up on the matter. Put the failed officers in jail or be prepared to be contemptuous but Delhi will not get oxygen from it, and it will only be available through work.

The numbers are found in the center in the morning, evening and afternoon

Judge Chandrashud said that the center must provide data every morning, evening and afternoon. A virtual control room must be used. Any hospital that gets a lot of oxygen, this hospital and all people should know. When the matter is heard again on the 10th, the state government will assess the preparations.

Delhi order more: center

In the Supreme Court hearing on the oxygen crisis, the central government told the court that the demand for Delhi is high, and under that the resources are needed. In court, Judge Shah noted that it was a national disaster, due to lack of oxygen, people died. Try to center on his behalf, but there is a shortage, tell us your plan.

Committee set up to monitor the oxygen supply: Attorney General

On behalf of the center, Attorney General Tushar Mehta said, “I propose to form a committee that includes fair experts. It should also have some officers from the center and Delhi. This committee is scheduled to present a report regarding the need for immediate treatment of problems and problems in the supply of oxygen before the Supreme Court on Monday.

There would be no point in putting officers in jail: SC

The Supreme Court also said that nothing will happen to put the officers in prison, but we must ensure that lives are saved. Judge Chandrashud suggested hypoxia in the capital, Delhi, to arrange its distribution in a scientific manner. BMC in Mumbai has done a great job in the Corona era, so Delhi should learn something. “We intend not to take contemptuous actions against the officers, because we realize that the officers work day and night,” the Supreme Court said during its consideration of the case. The contract agency officer provided detailed information to the court despite his injury. There is no point in punishing those responsible. The court requested details to increase the oxygen supply in Delhi by evening. The court said: “Tell us by evening how the supply will increase in Delhi.”

Attorney General Tushar Mehta said, “It is regrettable that the Delhi High Court has started a process of contempt while the center and all officials are doing a better job on this matter. The Attorney General brought the matter to CJI Ramna. He said Judge Chandrashud’s seat will look into the matter. Officials who monitor oxygen supplies to all states including Delhi attend during today’s hearing.

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