The Supreme Court advises the center to put LOCKDOWN again to stop Corona!

The Supreme Court advises the center to put LOCKDOWN again to stop Corona!

Coronavirus cases are increasing day by day across the country. Statistics are breaking new records every day. Due to the deteriorating conditions, the Supreme Court made several important proposals to the center, including one for closures.

The Supreme Court has also requested a review of the vaccine purchase policy. The court also said that if this is not done, it will be seen as an obstacle to the right to public health which is an integral part of Article 21 of the constitution.

Board of Judges DY Chandrachud, L Nageswara Rao and S Ravindra Bhat said the lockdown should be enforced but before that the government should consider how to reduce its social and economic impact.

The court gave these suggestions

A proposal to develop a national policy

All over the country people complained about not getting hospital beds. In such a case, the Supreme Court advised the center to formulate a national hospitalization policy. This policy should be ready within a week. Apart from this, if a person does not have a local residency certificate, they should not be admitted to hospitals or denied medication.

Buy a vaccine

On April 20 of last month, the center requested a new vaccine procurement policy. The center had said that it would now buy only 50 percent of the vaccine, while the remaining 50 percent would now be able to directly purchase the state and private companies at exorbitant prices. But a three-judge Supreme Court panel suggested that vaccine procurement be centralized and that distribution within states and union territories be decentralized.

He is seeking answers to the vaccination campaign

The Supreme Court asked both the center and the states to provide information about the current and projected availability of vaccine stocks for the next six months.

To get information, we were told that PM Modi said shutdown should now be the last option. He left the decision to state governments but advised against imposing the lockdown. In such a case, if the Supreme Court exercises pressure, the center can make an important decision on it.

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