The second wave of Corona opens the health structure of the country and it will turn into life

The second wave of Corona opens the health structure of the country and it will turn into life

All adults are included in the vaccination range across the country to prevent corona, but due to the limited availability, it may take several months to vaccinate the entire population. In this case, every dose of the available vaccine must be used. The second wave of Corona revealed the country’s health structure. The hands and feet of all governments began to swell. Think, what will be the state of our villages when the cities gasp? The Fifteenth Financial Commission Report shows a bleak picture for the country’s health sector. Here is a look:

Countries are also lagging behind: In the National Health Policy of 2017, states recommended that they allocate at least eight percent of their budget to health by 2020. But in fiscal year 2018-19, average state spending could be only 5.18 percent. 66 percent recommend spending on primary health, but only 53 percent spending it.

Governmental hospitals in Lakah in the states

Bihar 0.9

Uttar Pradesh 0.4.1 update

Rajasthan 0.2

Punjab 0.4

Haryana 0.4.0 update

Jharkhand 0.6

Madhya Pradesh 1.6.1 Update

Per thousand

Available Doctors

Jharkhand 5.7.0 update

Bihar 2.6

Uttar Pradesh 2.6.1 update

Haryana 4.4.1

Madhya Pradesh 1.9.2 update

Punjab 0.6.2

Health expenditure per capita

In rupees (2018-19)

Bihar 616

Uttar Pradesh 807

Jharkhand 913

Madhya Pradesh 947

Punjab 1049

Haryana 1422

Chhattisgarh 1303

Uttarakhand 1878

Himachal Pradesh 3074

Health’s share of total state expenditures

(As a percentage, 2018-19)

Punjab 4.1.1

Haryana 4.3.2

Madhya Pradesh 4.5.0 Update

Uttar Pradesh 4.89.0000

Bihar 4.96.0000

Jharkhand 5.41

Uttarakhand 5.44.4

Himachal Pradesh 6.49.49

Ironically, there is not one bed for every thousand people in India. In the United States and the United Kingdom, this average is over three households.

Increased spending: health is a nationwide issue. In 2017, the National Health Policy recommended raising health spending to 2.5% of GDP, but this cannot be achieved.

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