The second wave of Corona: Eight major government claims in 15 months have actually failed

The second wave of Corona: Eight major government claims in 15 months have actually failed

The country has been fighting the Corona epidemic for 15 months. To prevent this, governments from day one until now have made big claims. The government has made numerous allegations about hospital beds availability, oxygen monitoring, testing, and people coming from abroad.

Recently, officials said, there were indications of a second wave of the epidemic abating in some parts of the country. It was said that on April 30th, the largest number of patients was found, but after that, the deficiency is reversed. While the truth is that the investigation itself was reduced by three to four lakhs. The Nirbhai report presented is similar to the allegations and the reality of the government …

1- Not a single issue

Reality – March closing

Federal Minister of Health Dr. Harsh Vardan said in the first 21 press conference that no cases of Coronavirus had been reported in the country so far, but as a precaution, states were instructed to prepare health resources. The same claim was made repeatedly in the ministry’s press releases from January 17-28, 2020, but in the first week of March, when 500 cases were received in one day, it was closed to prepare resources for treatment.

2- Sorting those coming from abroad

Reality – paracetamol is eaten at home

By February 2, 2020, three cases of corona had been reported in the country. Meanwhile, Federal Health Minister Dr. Harshvardan said that passengers arriving from abroad are undergoing thermal screening. They are isolated as soon as any kind of symptom appears. Our endeavor is to prevent this disease from entering India. The effect of this claim was shown by the Minister of Health for a few days, but in the second week of February, it was found that people began avoiding paracetamol by avoiding thermal screening. People who arrived in their homeland also reached their cities and towns.

3- The first peak may decrease

Reality – until September

NITI Aayog member Dr. VK Paul claimed that Corona’s first peak will start less than May 16. He later clarified his claim when the situation became political, but in reality, the first climax was recorded on September 16 and 17.

4- There is no shortage of oxygen

Reality – a blanket protest

Ammar Ujala was the first to say that, knowing the possibility of an oxygen crisis, the Ministry of Health ordered the construction of the Green Corridor, etc., but claimed that there was no shortage of oxygen in the country. Today the situation is in front of everyone. Even the Supreme Court took note of this matter.

5- Cases will be reduced in February

Reality – increased sleep state

The center’s experts jointly claimed that by February 2021, the country’s active cases will be reduced to less than 20,000. In reality, this did not happen. However, the model herself said that more than 70 percent of the country’s population is also at risk of infection.

6- No for community publishing

Reality – the whole country is weak

For nearly eight months, governments have been denying that the coronavirus has spread in the country. At the moment there is no officer talking about this in the second wave. But the ministry’s own numbers show there are active patients in 28 states and eight union regions in the country.

7- Sufficient family in the state

Reality – no cure

The group of ministers met in March. It was claimed in this meeting that there is enough beds in the country and there is no problem with treatment. But since April, the family crisis began in most of the country’s states. People get the most benefit because they do not receive treatment on time.

8- Reducing cases

Reality – less examination

Recently, Ministry of Health officials claimed that new cases are declining in some states including Delhi and Maharashtra. On the other hand, nothing was said about the dwindling investigations into Corona.

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