The Israeli-Palestinian conflict: The Israeli army has a very lethal weapon in its arsenal

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict: The Israeli army has a very lethal weapon in its arsenal

The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Israel is extremely powerful when it comes to military power. He has the most advanced weapon in his arsenal. Israel is using fifth-generation F-35 fighter jets, including the Iron Dome air defense system, in the ongoing conflict with Hamas. Meanwhile, Hamas uses anti-tank guided missiles (ATGMs) and Kamikaze UAVs, including foreign-made missiles.

The Israeli air defense system is called the “Iron Dome.” The IDF claims that its Iron Dome system destroys 90% of enemy missiles in the air. This air defense system also destroys enemy drones. It was built by the Rafael Advanced Defense System and the Israeli aviation industry. Israel has also prepared a naval version similar to maritime security. It’s called Si Dom.

F-35 combat aircraft are also not under the control of radar: in addition to the Iron Dome air defense system of the IDF, the recently introduced F-35 landing craft in the Air Force is also in use. The special thing is that Israel is the first country to deploy F-35S combat aircraft in West Asia. Apart from that, Israel also uses F15S and F-16S combat aircraft.

These are the features: The F-35 Lightning is a fifth-generation, single-seat, propelled fighter jet. It is especially capable of reconnaissance, ground and air strikes, and in enemy territory without hitting the radar. It is manufactured by Lockheed Martin of America. It is valued at approximately $ 100 million (Rs. 750 crore).

Hamas, a home-made missile with Chinese missiles, was manufactured: the rockets that Hamas uses were manufactured domestically with foreign assistance. These missiles are capable of striking from 12 km to 120 km. Apart from this, the Chinese also use missiles. According to military experts, the A-120 missile was used mainly to attack Israel. These missiles are launched from eight locally made tube launchers. The C-40, capable of reaching forty kilometers, is launched with eight tube launchers. What is distinguished is that these missiles are hidden under the sand to protect them from Israeli reconnaissance aircraft. Hamas also uses Soviet BM-21 Grad missiles.

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