The changes made to the rules regarding the reservation of the LPG cylinder!

The changes made to the rules regarding the reservation of the LPG cylinder!

There is big news for a crore of LPG consumers in the country. The government and oil companies are now making changes to reservations for LPG cylinders. Booking system will now be more secure than before. Come and tell us how many facilities will be provided by the change in the LPG reservation rules.

The integrated platform will be ready for the convenience of the consumer

It is reported that the government and oil companies are now working to make the process of reserving and refilling the LPG cylinder quick and easy. Since then, consumers will not only depend on their corporate agency but also any company close to them. The gas agency can refill your cylinder. An integrated platform will be set up for this shortly.

The mini CD will be available without proof of title

Short 5 kg gas cylinders were also planned without any title evidence. It is very difficult for immigrants to arrange a roller, in this case, this system will be suitable for them. You can refill this small cylinder at any point of sale or distribution site across the country or you can fill it with petrol pumps.

A colorful cylinder will arrive in your kitchen

Indian Oil Company has designed a very beautiful and safe colored cylinder which will start delivery soon. These compounds are made of fibers. These gas cylinders will be available with a capacity of 5 and 10 kg of gas. This will be very light. Iron cylinders hold about 14.2 kg of gas, but a fiber composite cylinder will hold 10 kg of gas maximum.

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