The central government issues revised guidelines regarding Corona patients now!

Amid the increasing incidence of coronavirus in the country, the central government has issued a revised guidelines for patients with mild or no symptoms in home isolation.

According to the amended guidelines issued by the Federal Ministry of Health, if you stay in home isolation for ten days and do not have a fever for three consecutive days, patients can exit home isolation, and there will be no need for an examination at that time.

According to these guidelines, a mild or asymptomatic case should be determined by the health official on the patient’s behalf. In these cases, self-isolation of the patient should be arranged in his home.

The oxygen saturation of these patients should be more than 94 percent. Patients without symptoms after testing should be confirmed in the laboratory. During home isolation, communication between the caregiver and the hospital must be maintained.

In the case of corona infection in people over the age of sixty and patients who suffer from serious diseases, the medical authorities will not agree to home isolation until after examining the health of the patient. The central government has given more information in the guidelines.

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