The case of fugitive Mihul Choksi will be heard in Dominica court today, and extradition will be adjudicated; India will provide evidence

The case of fugitive Mihul Choksi will be heard in Dominica court today, and extradition will be adjudicated;  India will provide evidence

In the case of fugitive businessman Mihul Choksi wanted in the BNP Bank fraud case, the Dominica court will hear again today. The hearing in the extradition case of diamond dealer Mehul Choksi, who fled Punjab National Bank in a Rs 13 billion scam, will be held today. Accused Mehul Choksi is being held in Dominica these days and the matter related to him is in the District Court. According to the information, the hearing will start around 6:30 PM IST. Mehul Choksi’s case was heard in Dominica court on Friday last week, which was adjourned until the next hearing on Wednesday.

A decision on extradition will be made today

The Dominica court has suspended the extradition of Mehul Choksi for the time being. The Indian government is doing everything possible to ensure that he is returned to India and face the law. Chux’s lawyers have filed a habeas corpus petition in the case. For this reason, the court suspended his extradition at the last session.

In today’s hearing, India will present many strong evidences about Mehul Choksi in court. The Indian government sent documents confirming that Choksi is a fugitive. Those papers are likely for a court hearing on Wednesday (June 2).

A big statement by the leader of the opposition in Dominica

Dominica’s House of Representatives opposition leader Lennox Linton said some officials from India arrived in Dominica on a business jet on Friday last week, and some officials arrived yesterday. They will help with this matter in court today. He said I think it was the Prime Minister of Antigua who said that those Indian officials (a team of 8 officials from India) who have come in recent days will give evidence to the government team here and tell that Chuksi is on the run.

Statement by the former head of the Central Bank of Iraq

Former CBI Director AP Singh said before the Dominica court hearing today that according to the Interpol Red Corner notice, Dominica can deport Mehul Choksi at any time as he has no legal right there. But if the Dominican court finds that Choxe has been kidnapped and forcibly taken to Dominica, he will be deported to Antigua as his country of origin.

India camped in Dominica to bring Choksi

An eight-member team set up camp in Dominica to fetch Mehul Choksi. This team, which is fully prepared, includes two officers each from the CBI, the ED, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, along with two commandos from the CRPF. These people had left Delhi with documents against Mehul on a Qatar Airways plane. This team, which has arrived fully equipped, does not want to be spared in its efforts.

As per sources, this team consists of CBI and ED officers from Mumbai district. He was first called to Delhi where he was sent to Dominica after giving the necessary instructions. The Prime Minister of Antigua and Barbuda, Gaston Brown, confirmed the arrival of a special plane carrying the Indian team on Saturday.

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