Tamil Nadu: A nurse cuts a newborn’s thumb while removing Viggo

Tamil Nadu: A nurse cuts a newborn's thumb while removing Viggo

A nurse at a government hospital in Tamil Nadu cut the thumb of a newborn baby while removing Viggo. Dr J Ravikumar, dean of Government Medical College in Thanjavur, said on Tuesday, when a nurse was removing Vighu from the baby’s hand with scissors, the baby started shivering. As a result, the upper part of his thumb was cut from the middle.

The nurse has been sent on leave and appropriate action will be taken based on the test result. The girl’s father said: Because of the nurse amputating my daughter’s thumb, and appropriate action should be taken against her.

The son kept his mother locked in the toilet for two weeks

At the same time, a horrific case of human cruelty emerged from Tamil Nadu, where the son of a 95-year-old woman starved for two weeks in Salem district and was trapped in the toilet at home. On Tuesday, when neighbors heard the woman’s weak cries for help, the police officer said, they informed the district administration. Then he was rescued on Sunday.

According to the police, the woman, a mother of four, was taken to an NGO, where she was provided with food and undergoing treatment. The woman identified as Radha saved her life by running water in the toilet for several days. The woman refused to file a complaint against her son despite the inhuman treatment she was subjected to.

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