Submarine INS Karanj joins the Indian Navy!

Submarine INS Karanj joins the Indian Navy!

INS Karanj, India’s third diesel-electric Scorpene submarine, was entered into the Indian Navy in Mumbai on Wednesday. The Scorpene submarine was commissioned by the Indian Navy in Mumbai in the presence of Navy Commander Admiral Karambeer Singh and Admiral (Retd) VS Shekhawat.

It is a lethal weapon because it can attack the closest enemy. It is small in size and easy to maneuver the sea. Being small in size, the enemy will find it difficult to locate them. There is an expert in laying landmines at sea for submarines and enemy ships.

Speaking on the occasion, Navy Commander Admiral Karamber Singh said: “The Indian Navy has been a strong supporter of localization and self-reliance in defense over the past seven decades. Currently, out of 42 ships and submarines, 40 ships are being built to order.

It measures 221 feet long, 20 feet wide and 40 feet high. It weighs 1,615 tons, but when underwater, it weighs 1,775 tons. Its speed above the surface is 20 kilometers per hour. Its speed underwater will be 37 kilometers per hour.

It has a range of 12,000 km at the surface and 1020 km under water. It can stay underwater for 50 days.

INS Karanja can travel up to 12,000 km at a time. It employs 8 officers and 35 marine personnel. They can dive up to 350 meters in the sea.

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