Stress from China, but drug dependency has increased more than ever

Stress from China, but drug dependency has increased more than ever

India’s drug dependence has increased more than ever, amid tensions on the border with China. The highest raw material in the Corona epidemic has arrived in India from China. In 2020, as Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government engaged with Corona to halt the actions of the Chinese army. At the same time, the highest raw material had to be taken from China to make medicines.

Continuous increase in three years; Medicines prepared in India from raw materials

According to the latest report from the Central Medicines Standards Supervision Organization (CDSCO), more than 72 percent of the raw materials should have been sourced from China. Not only that, if we look at the numbers of the past three years, India’s dependence on China for raw materials is constantly increasing.

According to experts, the pharmaceutical industry is the best option for Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government to promote self-reliance in India. According to CDSCO, India, which supplies up to 80 percent of the generic drugs worldwide, relies on China for raw materials. 66.53% in 2018, 72.40% in 2019, and 72.15% of raw materials are imported from China in 2020.

Increased dependence on China, 72 percent of raw materials come in 2020

The Federal Minister of State for Health Ashwini Kumar Chobe in the House of Representatives said that a PLI scheme has been launched to increase the domestic manufacture of active drug ingredients (APIs). Production promotion incentives to promote bulk drug complexes and pharmaceuticals are in progress

Government plans are not at ground level

BDMA Chairman VV Krishnan Reddy says the government’s plans at ground level have yet to be seen. However, he predicted that would happen in the coming months. He said that this crisis will continue in the Indian pharmaceutical industry for one to two years.

India wants to end its dependence on China

According to BR Sikri, vice president of Bulk Drug Manufacturers Association (BDMA), the Indian pharmaceutical industry wants to end its dependence on China for raw materials, but dealers currently have no choice. China is taking advantage of this very cleverly.

China is moving against the prime minister’s stimulus plan

Experts believe that China raised raw material prices with the aim of influencing the prime minister’s stimulus plan. Up until four months ago, Paracetamol used birth control pills to provide an API of Rs 320 per kilogram, but it’s now increased by 103 percent. Now the same goods are available to Indian companies for 650 rupees per kilogram.

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