Sheffield Shield Tournament Canceled For The First Time After World War II


The sports world has been affected due to Corona virus infection and almost all the games are closed. Even Australia’s top first class league matches against Sheffield Shield have been canceled. This is the first time since the Second World War that the Sheffield Shield will not be able to compete. The final round of the competition has been canceled after Australia (CA) declared Corona an epidemic. In view of this, CA has postponed the decision on the final to be held on March 27. The finalists will be decided on the event after a future review of the situation regarding Corona.

CA Chief Executive Officer Kevin Roberts has stated that the final round of the Shield competition was canceled to reduce the possibility of travel. is. He said that this would help reduce and eliminate the infection of Corona virus. Kevin said that in such times, cricket is not the most important in view of the danger of infection. We have been in contact with the relevant government agencies, our medical team and the infection specialist for some time and the decision to cancel this Sheffield Shield match was taken only on his advice.

The CA chief said that wherever possible, We have to play our role by reducing the possibility of contact with people there and helping to limit the possibility of the virus spreading. The three matches at Perth’s Waka, Adelaide’s Karen Rolton Oval and Melbourne’s Oval this week had already restricted audience entry, but Corona had no choice but to stop the match after it was declared an epidemic. CA is also considering the option to award the title to the New South Wales Blues if the final could not be played and is currently at the top of the league table.

Long-term games may be postponed

in the US The NBA and other big sports leagues may have to be shut down for a long time. Till now it was believed that after some time, the combat could start but now the Center for Disease Control has advised to postpone them for a long time to deal with the corona virus epidemic. The control center suggested that sports events and other events where large numbers of people gather should be canceled or postponed for the next eight weeks. Also said, ‘Due to large programs and large gathering of people, the infection can spread further through people coming for these programs. This may aggravate this pandemic. ”In such a situation, if the games are not organized for some time, then there will be no loss. People as well as players are at risk during sporting events.

The head of Swiss football also suffers from Corona

The President of the Swiss Football Federation Dominique Blanc has also been infected with the corona virus. In this regard, the Swiss Federation said that 70-year-old block has been isolated at home since it was found positive. At the same time, Blanc said in a statement issued by the federation that I am feeling well right now, I just have some symptoms of flu. He was tested after a sore throat and a mild cough. The federation stated that the Swiss headquarters in Bern have been closed and that the staff recently contacted them have also been advised to undergo a medical examination.


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