Research reveals: Our immune system works differently during the day and at night

Research reveals: Our immune system works differently during the day and at night

It is generally believed that the human immune system works the same way all the time. The assumption was that it did not matter whether the infection occurred during the day or at night. However, research has now shown that our immune system handles infections differently during the day and at night. Even what time of day we get vaccinated, it also affects immunity. Experts consider the body’s biological clock to be to blame.

The biological clock adjusts the body

According to researcher Ann Cartes of the RCSI University of Health and Science in Dublin, our biological clock has evolved over millions of years. It automatically adjusts our work and behavior by understanding the time of day and night. The circadian clock does this by creating a 24-hour rhythm (circadian rhythm) of cellular activities. For example, at night, the body clock ensures the production of the hormone melatonin in the body. This chemical exhausts the body and we start getting the signal to sleep.

The vaccine was most effective in the morning

There is also ample evidence that the timing of day and night is important in developing immunity to pathogens of some diseases. In 2016, there was a research on 250 adults aged 65 and over. It found that people who got a flu shot between 9 a.m. and 11 a.m. had more antibodies in their bodies than those who took the dose later in the afternoon. Similarly, until recently, 25-year-olds who received the BBC vaccine in the morning were found to have higher immunity than those who took the vaccine between 12 pm and 1 am.

.. Then what in Corona?

After this research, questions are bound to arise about the timing of vaccination against corona. But the answer has not yet been found. Experts agree that due to the urgency and impact of corona vaccines, we should be vaccinated at any time of the day.

The time of taking the drug also determines its effect.

Some research has shown that the effectiveness of the drug also depends on the time taken. For example, cholesterol is formed in the body during sleep. In such a situation, it is best to take your cholesterol-lowering medication right before bed. The study also found that the time of day affects the function of certain types of immune cells.

This is how the body is better protected

Generally, during the day, our immunity travels to the tissues and then spreads throughout the body at night. According to experts, this circadian rhythm of immune cells may have evolved so that the cells move throughout the body during times of high infection risk and remain in the lymph nodes. Here you create a memory of the activities that occurred during the day, including moving. This ensures that the cells are able to respond better the next time they encounter an infection.

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