Rajasthan Unlock 2.0: Guidelines coming out today, market opening time may increase

Rajasthan Unlock 2.0: Guidelines coming out today, market opening time may increase

Unlock-2 How-To Guide Will Be Released Today: A step-by-step guide to Unlock-2 will be released in Rajasthan. In this, besides increasing the time to open the market, it is likely that many perks will be offered.

Jaipur. The people of the state are likely to get many concessions into the shutdown from June 8. On Sunday, a meeting of the State Council of Ministers chaired by CM Ashok Gehlot discussed the revised lockdown 2. Based on the suggestions of ministers who attended the meeting, the Home Office will today release a step-by-step guide.

What will be opened and what will remain closed in Rajasthan will be decided on June 7. Based on the suggestions received at the State Council of Ministers meeting, the Ministry of Interior will issue detailed guidelines. At the meeting chaired by CM Ashok Gehlot on Sunday, along with the case of the Corona infection, the three-level public discipline Modified Lockdown-2 ie Unlock-2 was discussed.

Market hours are scheduled to increase

At the meeting, the ministers made suggestions to find a suitable balance of living with survival. It is almost certain that the opening hours of the markets in the country will be extended. The ministers also submitted their suggestions and agreed to that at the meeting. As of now, open market times from 11am are likely to be extended to 4 or 5pm.

The curfew may continue into the weekend

The weekend curfew will likely continue for another week. While the ban is likely to continue at weddings, cinemas and religious venues, morning walks can be relaxed until 8am. Public transport can be made smooth from June 10. However, the final decision on all these points will be taken by Prime Minister Ashok Gilot.

Discussion about the danger of black fungus

The meeting also discussed the danger of the black fungus. While the cabinet accused the central government of insufficient supply of black fungus medicine, it also emphasized more coordinated efforts with the central government in this regard. The Prime Minister also requested contacting various companies at the state level.

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