Rajasthan News: Prime Minister Ashok Gilot has now approved these two proposals!

Rajasthan News: Prime Minister Ashok Gilot has now approved these two proposals!

Prime Minister Ashok Jahlut has now approved two proposals. Pursuant to this, the name of the Ministry of Industries of the Rajasthan government will now be changed to the Ministry of Industry and Trade. CM Gehlot agreed with a proposal in this regard. In addition, the appointments of officers for this department will also be changed to correspond to the new name for the department.

It is worth noting that during the past few years, the work of the Department of Industries and the centers of local industries associated with it has changed and the scope of the department’s work has expanded as well. Besides the development of small, micro, medium and large enterprises, the development of the service sector and the activities of the commercial sector have also become involved in the activities and activities of this department.

In 18 states including the Government of India, the relevant department name is only Ministry of Industry and Trade. In this sequence, the state government decided to change the department’s name.

According to the proposal approved by Ashok Gehlot, besides changing the department’s name, the name of the Chief Government Secretary, Industry MSME will be changed to the name of Chief Secretary of Government, MSME Industry, and Trade, and Industry Commissioner will be changed to Commissioner of Industry and Trade.

Likewise, the new names for the positions of Joint Commissioners for Industries, Deputy Commissioners for Industries, and Assistant Commissioners for Industries will become Joint Commissioners for Industries and Trade, Deputy Commissioners for Industries and Commerce, and Assistant Commissioner for Industries and Commerce respectively.

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