Rajasthan: Lockdown has been implemented from today until May 3, see what will open and what will remain closed

Rajasthan: Lockdown has been implemented from today until May 3, see what will open and what will remain closed

In light of the ever-increasing coronavirus cases in Rajasthan, the Gehlot government imposed a lockdown from April 19 to May 3 today. The Gehlot government has dubbed this lockdown “Public Discipline Fortnight.” During lockdown, all other services will remain closed except for required ones.

In Rajasthan, there is a continuous increase in cases of corona infection, to curb it, the Rajasthan government imposed a lockdown in the state for a period of 15 days, that is, from April 19 to May 3. During this time, all government offices except for basic services will remain closed. Markets, malls, theaters and restaurants will remain closed. There will be a discount on home delivery. There is no labor migration, so the construction work will continue. Industries are also exempt from closure.

It was clarified that at a cabinet meeting chaired by Prime Minister Ashok Jehlot on Sunday evening, the ministers proposed putting in place a lockdown in Rajasthan. After this decision, Prime Minister Ashok Gilot made this decision.

These services will continue to operate within two weeks of general discipline

The offices and institutions associated with basic central government services will remain open, and employees will be allowed to go with an ID card.

People coming from bus stand, railway station, metro station and airport will be allowed to travel when tickets are shown.

Passengers arriving into the state will be required to show a report of the RT PCR test performed within 72 hours of the commencement of the flight.

Pregnant women and sick patients will be exempt from consulting health services. Doctors will continue to be in private and government hospitals, nursing staff, ancillary medical services, and more

Vegetables, fruits, milk, and groceries can be sold in bulk through stores until 5 PM. On the other hand, those selling vegetables and fruits will be left on rickshaws and wheelbarrows until 7 pm.

The traffic of vehicles between and outside countries that transport goods, loading and unloading goods and dibas that operate on national and government roads will be opened, and workshops will be opened to repair vehicles.

Ravi crops come in the mandes, and crops are purchased at the subsidy price, so farmers will be exempt. Apart from this, the traffic outside the Mandi complex will be completely restricted.

It will be mandatory for farmers to verify their goods on the way to the market, and to check sales receipts and invoices on the way back.

People over the age of 45 will be able to come to be vaccinated. During this time it will be necessary to keep your ID card.

There will be a 4-8 AM discount for newspaper delivery. Employees of electronic and print media are permitted to travel on ID screens.

Activities related to marriage and funeral ceremonies will be permitted according to guidelines issued from April 14.

Permission to visit the examination center upon presentation of the admission card for candidates for the previously established competitive examinations.

Internet communications services, postal services, courier services, broadcast and cable services, and information technology services will be operational.

Banks, ATMs and insurance offices will continue to operate for banking services. The permit for those related to the identity card.

All necessary items like food, medicine, medical devices, etc. will be delivered to the home through e-commerce.

Fast food service will continue in pastry and processed food store and restaurants until 8 PM.

The food making and distribution work will be completed in Indira Rasoi by 8 PM as per Kovid-19 guidelines.

National Employment Guarantee Scheme Workers working under viable rural development schemes will be able to come.

Retail services and wholesale outlets related to LPG, petrol pump, CNG and petroleum gas will remain operational until 8 PM.

However, in the meantime, the county registrar and district judge can loosen the ban and increase activity.

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