Rajasthan: Congress, the Moroccan Liberation Army threatens to resign, accuses Ashok Gilot!

Rajasthan: Congress, the Moroccan Liberation Army threatens to resign, accuses Ashok Gilot!

The Congressional Labor Party, which was part of the uprising against Prime Minister Ashok Gilot last year, accused the state government on Friday of discriminating against MLAs belonging to scheduled castes and minorities, and one of them threatened to resign. Former ministers Ramesh Mina and lawmakers Murari Lal Mina and Vid Prakash Solanki claimed that the government was trying to suppress the voice of SCs / STs and MLAs representing minorities and that they would take the matter over to the party’s top leadership.

“I will meet with Congress Leader Rahul Gandhi on this issue. I have sought time to meet. If our problems are not resolved, I will not hold back from resigning,” Mina said outside the state assembly. Rajasthan’s congressional government faced a political crisis in July-August of last year after former Deputy Prime Minister Sachin Pilot and 18 other MLAs parties rebelled under Jahlut’s leadership.

The problem was resolved in August after the intervention of the party’s top leadership and the test camp. Ramesh Mina was removed from the government due to his rebellion against the state government.

Mina told reporters outside the assembly that there was development work in my area that I cannot deny, but that many people do not work for the government in many constituencies. The MLA Congress of Chaksu Ved Prakash Solanki claimed that only a small number of people are permitted to speak at the assembly. Solanki said that on the one hand, SC / ST is the backbone of Congress and on the other hand, you weaken MLAs for these communities.

Of the 50 MLAs who have secured unassisted seats in the association, he said, citing the Corona Protocol, most are Dalits, tribes and minorities. The head of the party whip, Mahesh Joshi, demanded that the list of 50 MLAs be announced and informed of the assembly’s seat allocation criteria.

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