Question: The death of a nine-year-old lioness due to Corona in the country… Corona is transmitted from human to animal

Question: The death of a nine-year-old lioness due to Corona in the country... Corona is transmitted from human to animal

Recently, news came from a zoo in Chennai that a nine-year-old lioness has succumbed to the coronavirus. This is believed to be the first death of an animal due to the coronavirus. After the lioness died, zoo officials conducted a corona test on a group of elephants to see if any of them had contracted the infection.

The first case of coronavirus was recorded in December 2019 and since then many researches have been conducted on it. Early research indicated that this virus spreads primarily through respiratory droplets and close contact, but there are many examples in the world, indicating that this infection has spread between humans and animals.

It was found that corona infection was found in many animals after contact with infected people, including animals such as beavers, dogs, domesticated cats, lions, and leopards.

Can a person get corona from animals?

Since the beginning of Corona, it is said that this virus is spread by bats. However, the US CDC says there is no strong evidence that the coronavirus has spread from animals to humans. The risks of the coronavirus spreading from animals to humans are considered very low.

Can all animals be infected with corona?

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in the United States, Corona infection has so far been found in dogs, cats, zoo lions, leopards, gorillas, farm beaver and other mammals, but we do not yet know whether the coronavirus can spread to all animals. . There have been many similar reports from around the world that coronavirus infection has been confirmed in animals, but in most of these animals, corona spreads due to contact with humans.

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