Preparing for the third wave: The central government said, “Children can spread Corona infection but …”

Preparing for the third wave: The central government said, "Children can spread Corona infection but ..."

The central government said on Saturday that children can spread the Kovid-19 infection but they always have a mild infection and also have a very low death rate. This statement comes amid fears that the third wave of Corona will be expressed that the next wave may be very fatal for children.

And Federal Health Minister Dr. Harsh Vardan had said earlier on Friday that health facilities are constantly being improved to deal with any such situation.

Meanwhile, the Federal Ministry of Health said in a press conference on Saturday that besides the low rate of positivity, the situation of the Covid-19 epidemic in the country is also under control. Besides, the number of daily and active cases is also decreasing. The ministry said that on May 10, the nation’s positivity rate stood at 24.83 percent, and decreased to 12.45 percent on May 22.

Corona has more than one active case of lakh in eight states

However, the ministry said that there are still eight states in the country where the number of coronavirus cases is more than one lakh. Meanwhile, there are 18 states where the Kovid positivity rate is over 15 percent. The ministry said that the total number of covid cases is declining, but the positivity still exceeds 10 percent in 382 districts.

Joint Secretary at the Federal Ministry of Health Love Aggarwal said that there are seven states in which more than 10,000 cases are reported daily and in six states the number ranges from five to 10,000. The number of deaths from Corona is high in six states. These include Maharashtra, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Uttar Pradesh, Punjab and Delhi.

Can different vaccines be given to one person?

NITI Aayog (Health) member Dr. F. K. Paul, who was present at the press conference, said that the Corona epidemic situation is now under control in a large part of the country. Dr. Paul said that the positive rate of corona in the country is decreasing and the active cases of the epidemic are decreasing, and this is a positive sign for us.

Dr. Paul said that it is scientifically and theoretically possible for someone to take the first dose of another vaccine and the second dose as another vaccine. But it is not right to recommend it just because the condition is still developing. There is no conclusive evidence of this at the moment and it will become known the next time.

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