Phone wiretapping case: BJP demands resignation of Jahlut

Phone wiretapping case: BJP demands resignation of Jahlut

There is a buzz in Rajasthan these days over the phone wiretapping case. The Ashok Jahlut government remains a target of the BJP in this regard. The BJP has demanded that research be conducted in the Congress government in Rajasthan, for an investigation by the Central Bank of Iraq into the matter. Even the head of the BJP, Satish Bunia, has asked Prime Minister Ashok Gilot to resign from the post in this regard.

However, in this case, the Jahlut government said that no phone was tapped on a legislator or minister from Rajasthan. Such allegations were directed against the Gehlot government in Rajasthan after the information provided in response to a featured question in Vidhan Sabha. Although neither question nor answer was found on his phone, these things were not mentioned.

Speaking to reporters, Bharatiya Janata State President Satish Bunia said that Prime Minister Ashok Gilot should resign his post immediately. During this, he also demanded an investigation into the case by the Central Bank of Iraq.

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