Now, this new guide for Corona patients has been released in Rajasthan!

Now, this new guide for Corona patients has been released in Rajasthan!

Due to the increasingly rapid transmission of the Coronavirus in Rajasthan, a new guideline has been issued. Given the resources available in Rajasthan, these guidelines have been issued to officials and supervisors of government and private hospitals regarding hospitalization and demobilization of patients infected with the COVID virus. It was issued on the instructions of Dr Raghu Sharma, Minister of Health and Medicine. Vaibhav Galaria, Secretary of Medical Education has issued guidance in this regard in consultation with leading expert physicians.

SMS Medical College Director Dr. Sudhir Bhandari said it is possible to treat COVID patients with mild or no symptoms at home. These patients should check the blood oxygen level periodically at home with a pulse oximeter.

He said that in patients with moderate or severe symptoms, if the oxygen level is correct (more than 90 percent), they should also be monitored periodically at home. In the event of a change in the condition or if the condition becomes serious, treatment should be carried out immediately under the supervision of a physician.

Dr. Bhandari said that in the event of difficulty breathing, chest pain, dizziness, or a change in mental state, the patient should be treated immediately under the supervision of a physician. They reported moderate or severe symptoms, severe breathing difficulties (respiratory rate exceeding 30 per minute, less than 90 percent) or a persistent decrease in oxygen level or a change in mental state, and a drop in blood pressure when measured with a pulse oximeter if signs appeared Symptoms of chest pain (signs of a heart attack), the possibility of a blood clot, or an excessive increase in signs of inflammation, the patient should be hospitalized immediately and begin treatment.

Dr. Sudhir Bhandari said that depending on the patient’s clinical condition, oxygen level and inflammatory markers, the patient’s symptoms remain stable and the disease does not increase within the past 48 hours.

Continuous inhalation of the patient into room air with an oxygen level exceeding 90 percent or capable of arranging oxygen at home or in other illnesses of the patient such as altered mental state, hypotension, chest pain, and blood clots. Discharged from hospital if there is an improvement in freezing and an increase in signs of inflammation, etc. He said that these patients are not required to take out the negative report of the RT-PCR for COVID.

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