Now this information given by doctors about Mamta Banerjee’s health!

Now this information given by doctors about Mamta Banerjee's health!

Doctors, who were treating Mama Banerjee at SSKM Hospital, reported the health of Chief Minister of Bengal Mamata Banerjee, who was infected after submitting nomination papers from the Nandigram seat.

The preliminary investigation by the team of doctors found that Prime Minister Mamata Banerjee had sustained serious injuries in several places including her legs. They will be subject to strict supervision for 48 hours. Mamta Banerjee underwent an X-ray and MRI in the hospital. The doctors also said that before CM Mamata Banerjee is discharged from the hospital, we need to monitor her condition.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Mamata Banerjee accused four or five people of pushing her during the election campaign.

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