Not 18 years old, parents must raise their son to graduation: Supreme Court

Not 18 years old, parents must raise their son to graduation: Supreme Court

Describing graduation as a new basic education, the Supreme Court required someone to raise their son, not 18, but until he graduated. DY Chandrachud and Justice MR Shah on Thursday changed the family court order that a health department employee in the Karnataka state government must bear the expenses of educating a son up to the age of 18.

The Supreme Court described the graduate as a new basic education, reversing the family court’s decision

The substitutes said, “It is not sufficient in the current situation to provide financial aid until the age of 18, because now the basic degree is not obtained until after the completion of the college.”

In fact, the worker working in the Ministry of Health divorced his first wife in June 2005, after which the Family Court in September 2017 ordered this person to pay 20 thousand rupees per month to raise the child. Later he submitted to the Supreme Court. On not getting relief, that person went to the Supreme Court.

A government employee said how to spend the salary of only 21 thousand, then 20 thousand

And a government employee argued in the Supreme Court that the salary he gets into his hands is about 21,000. Our client is married for the second time and has two children from the second marriage, so it is impossible to give 20 thousand rupees a month to a son born from the first marriage.

After all, what is wrong with the child in this

The lawyer representing the government employee also said in the Supreme Court, that the divorce happened between us because the wife was in an unlawful relationship with another person. The court rejected the argument that you could not blame the child for this.

After all, what’s the kid’s fault with this? The court also said that when you have a second marriage, you will be well aware that you also have to take care of the child born from the first marriage.

A request for payment of 10,000 rupees per month

Attorney Gaurav Agarwal, who is representing the child and the mother in court, said, “It would be better if the father were to be asked to pay a lower amount of maintenance each month, but the maintenance amount would continue until he attained his bachelor’s degree.”

The Cabinet requested that the proposal be appropriate, and required the person to pay Rs 10,000 for son maintenance as of March 2021. It is also said that in every fiscal year, this amount should be increased by one rupee.

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