National Immunization Program: Allocation will be made based on state and territory population and patient data

National Immunization Program: Allocation will be made based on state and territory population and patient data

The Government of India on Tuesday released the revised guidelines for the National COVID Vaccination Program to be implemented from June 21. According to the new guidelines, vaccine doses will be allocated to states and union territories based on the region’s population, and infection. Figures and vaccination data. Also, the price of the vaccine dose will be set by each of the vaccine manufacturers in private hospitals. Vaccine waste will harm the allocation.

The Government of India has released revised guidelines for the National Coronavirus Vaccination Program, which will be implemented from June 21

The guidelines read: “Vaccine doses to be allocated to states/UTs based on population, disease burden and vaccination progress. Wastage will affect allocation negatively.”

According to the new guidelines-

In private hospitals, the price of the vaccine will be set by the manufacturers and if any changes are made, the information will be provided in advance. The service charge for a single dose of vaccine in private hospitals can be a maximum of 150 rupees.

Those who can pay for the vaccine will be encouraged to go to private vaccination centers to get the dose.

– Priority was given to vaccination. Health care workers will be given a dose first. Then, sequentially, first front-line workers, then people over 45 years of age, those people whose second dose has not yet been taken, followed by vaccination of the age group 18 years and over.

India’s government will buy 75 percent of the doses from manufacturers in the country and make them free to states under the national vaccination program so that people can get free vaccines. Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that 75 per cent of the total vaccine developed would be purchased by the center and made available to states free of charge. No state government will spend anything on this.

The vaccination process will be convenient for every citizen through the Cowin platform. In this sequence, pre-booking for immunization will be easy and safe.

The nationwide vaccination campaign began on January 16 to prevent infection with the coronavirus. So far, the total number of vaccinations has increased to 23,61,98,726. Today, the Ministry of Health said that 33,64,476 vaccines have been administered against the Corona virus during the past 24 hours.

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