Mutiny: CM Yeddyurappa’s problems increased, Minister Eshwarappa complained to the governor who wrote a letter

Mutiny: CM Yeddyurappa's problems increased, Minister Eshwarappa complained to the governor who wrote a letter

In Karnataka, the BJP Senior Minister KS Eshwarappa wrote a letter to the Governor and Central Command criticizing the work of Prime Minister BS Yiddurappa. Eshwaraba is the state’s Minister of Rural Development and Panchayat Raj. Yeddyurappa had interfered with Eshwarappa without consulting him, which expressed his dismay.

Eshwarappa says that some MLAs have been sidelined with the release of Rs.1 crore for rural roads in constituencies. Ishwaraba wrote a letter to Governor Vajubhai Phala on March 31 and said that the Prime Minister was directly involved in the work of many departments and the ministry, there are many examples of this and it is a violation of the Karnataka Act of 1977.

Allocation of Rs 65 crores to the metropolitan area of ​​Panchayat in Bangalore, for example, headed by G. Mariswamy, a relative of Yeddyurappa. Eshwaraba wrote that it was regrettable that the prime minister had issued such orders by bypassing the minister in charge of the oath. If this trend continues in the future to sideline the minister and violate the law, then I do not know where I stand as a minister responsible for my ministry.

It has been claimed that he has also brought this issue to the attention of Prime Minister Modi, Interior Minister Amit Shah, and other senior leaders. The prominent leader of the party said that the central leadership of the party expressed its dissatisfaction with this, as the minister wrote the letter to the governor and announced the issue publicly.

According to a senior leader in Delhi, the party’s top leadership sees this as a dangerous consequence of indiscipline. He said Eshwarappa might have done this for any purpose but it would go against it. This will not help them.

Sources say this will also affect party workers. Here Yeddyurappa had a meeting with Ministers and MLAs. State Interior Minister Basavaraj Bhumai, who is close to Yidduraba, said after the meeting that I had asked Easwaraba to meet the prime minister, discuss the problem and solve it. He said that our party is a disciplined party and it is not right to take this issue to such a high command.

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