March 24th: The shutdown was completed in one year, 365 days, 360 degree change this way

March 24th: The shutdown was completed in one year, 365 days, 360 degree change this way

Today, March 24, it has been a year of lockdown. In the past, people learned a lot under changing circumstances.

It is said that the greatest teacher of man is time. No matter how much knowledge you collect from books, real learning is acquired through changing times. Something similar happened last year. When Corona infection closed in many countries and coronavirus cases began to increase in India, to curb this epidemic, the Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi, announced a complete lockdown across the country for a period of 21 days on March 24.

However, a general curfew was imposed for 14 hours on March 22 before this decision. Today, the first phase of the country’s one-year lockdown is complete. Not only has this lockdown protected people from Corona to a great extent, but it has also dramatically changed the way people think and live. After one year of lockdown is over, people are now starting to understand the importance of only those things he used to say. So, today, when the lockdown is complete in the country for a period of one year, we tell you that this lockdown not only deeply affected people’s thinking, but also changed it –

The savings are bad times

After the lockdown in the country, the occupation stopped completely. Closed from office to factory. In this bad era when people’s means of income have stopped, it has become very difficult for people to return to their homes. Those with some savings can spend these days comfortably. While others had to be lured with money. Closing taught people that savings are bad profits. After the shutdown, people closely realized the importance of saving.

It is important to be with your loved ones

Nowadays, every person engages in a race, and when the number, family, friends and relatives is left, it is not known. But when everyone inside the house was locked and there was no shortage of time, people realized how important it was to be with family alongside work. By spending time with loved ones, people not only strengthen mutual bonds, but also realize that a person’s true strength is their strength.

True health companion

For years, we have said that the first happiness is the physical body. Gradually, it became just a sentence for the people. But when all restaurants and markets were closed indoors, people only ate healthy homemade food and realized that their true companion was health. Not only that, in those difficult times, people also took an interest in their diet to strengthen their immune system. Now that people are starting to go out, they are more aware of their health than before. More awareness is now being seen in people from serving food to exercise.

No compromising with personal hygiene

When a child starts going to school, he is informed about personal hygiene and its importance. But people often forget it growing up. But Lockdown and Corona not only redefined its importance but also made it a part of people’s lives. Habits, from washing hands to showering every day, changing clothes, and eating everything after washing them, are now part of everyone’s life.

Nothing is specific in life

Usually, we think our life will continue as it is. But the closing made people understand very well that nothing is certain in life. When the occupation stopped after the lockdown, people were shot. Many companies suffered losses. For those who were employed, their salaries were also reduced. In a situation like this, people realized that it was not right to just sit on one thing. Nowadays, people try to hone their skills even while doing their jobs. He also wants to gain experience in other areas related to his work so that he does not have to sit idle at home in difficult times.

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