Lucknow: The crematorium is full, so I found a new funeral venue, 173 cremations were burned on Gatsin

Lucknow: The crematorium is full, so I found a new funeral venue, 173 cremations were burned on Gatsin

People are looking for new cremation locations to avoid the hassle of growing deaths awaiting cremation in cremation ghats. People began to perform the last rites on the banks of the Jomti River near Checkpoint No. 2 in Lucknow Khadra. Last rites are also said to be performed for those showing symptoms of COVID. Funerals like this, without following the Coronavirus protocol, pose a risk of infection spreading.

People present here said that the dead bodies here were once used, but that many bodies are cremated from morning to night from one to two days. The priests of the adjacent temple perform final rites here. Where wood etc. are bought from the market. On the issue of how to issue a death certificate for such people, people said they require local councilors to write or obtain affidavits. With the help of an affidavit, a certificate from the Municipal Corporation is obtained.

Meanwhile, amid the escalating rate of Corona infection, the number of bodies that reached the cremation ghats on Friday was slightly less than on Thursday but had crossed 150. By 6 pm on Friday, 173 bodies had arrived in two major cremation sites. Sites in the city for the latest rituals.

Of the 173 bodies accessed during the last rites in Baikontham and Gulala Ghat, 60 were reported as Sankramitas. On Thursday, the number of ordinary dead was 122, and on Friday it was 113. In this case, normal deaths were lower on Friday.

Burning green and electric carcasses will increase

Like Baikunthadham, green crematoriums will be built in Gulala Ghat. Apart from this, three electric crematoria will be built on each of the ghats. Of these, two will remain in Baikontham and one in Julala Ghat. A tender is also issued by the municipal corporation in this regard. The effort to get this work done in 15 to 20 days. Apart from this, work is also underway to create five green mechanical incinerators for the corpses in each of the Ghats.

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