Learn about the three countries that received a 60 percent dose of the Corona vaccine provided by the World Health Organization

Learn about the three countries that received a 60 percent dose of the Corona vaccine provided by the World Health Organization

The World Health Organization is providing vaccines to the world fighting the Corona epidemic under the Covax scheme managed by Gavi. Under this, to date, about two billion doses of vaccine have been provided by the organization to various countries. But you might be surprised to know that about 60 percent of the vaccine provided so far has been given to only three countries. These include India, America and China. Dr Bruce Allward, senior advisor to the director-general of the UN health agency, says only 0.5 percent of vaccines provided so far have been available to low-income countries.

According to the World Health Organization, there are many countries where frontline workers have not received a single dose of the vaccine. Therefore, he appealed to all the rich countries of the world to donate additional doses of vaccines for distribution in these countries. Let us tell you that Dr. Bruce is also the head of Access to Kovid Tool Accelerator. He says that 75 percent of the vaccines distributed by the organization in ten countries, 60 percent of them reached America, China and India. He also expressed concern that the process of emerging from this pandemic is progressing at different speeds.

Let us tell you that the Director-General of the World Health Organization has said publicly about this many times that while rich countries and most of their populations who manufacture vaccines are eager to get vaccinated, in many countries even a single dose of it. Not yet submitted. Dr. Bruce repeated this as well. For now, he says, a vaccine is the only way out of the crisis. He appealed to the whole world to donate about 250 million doses of vaccine. According to him, a minimum of 10 crores should be donated in June and July and the remaining vaccine dose by September.

Dr. Bruce also told that America said it is donating 80 million doses of the vaccine to the Covax plan, 25 million of which will be given this month. He described it as a good initiative. He says other countries should also cooperate in this regard. He has expressed dismay at the fact that it will take more than six months for a vaccine to come in, but some countries are still in the process of giving that vaccine to frontline workers. He also said there is a need to increase vaccine production and also focus on essential public services. He also expressed concern about the financial problems facing vaccine production.

Dr. Bruce says that in many countries of the world people are dying from lack of personal protective equipment, ventilators, oxygen and medicine. To meet this shortage, 16 billion dollars are needed, which must be filled soon, otherwise the problem will increase.

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