Latest Lockdown-Unlock Update: Unlocking process starts as soon as Corona cases drop in the country Find out the status of these states including Delhi, Ub and Maharashtra

Latest Lockdown-Unlock Update: Unlocking process starts as soon as Corona cases drop in the country Find out the status of these states including Delhi, Ub and Maharashtra

Corona virus cases are decreasing in the country. According to the Federal Ministry of Health, 1.14 lakh new cases of corona were recorded in the country during the past 24 hours, which is the lowest level in two months. At the same time, with the number of coronavirus cases declining, some states and union territories have begun to ease lockdown restrictions. Markets and malls in the capital, Delhi, will reopen from June 7 as well as the resumption of metro services. While Maharashtra will implement a five-pronged plan to ease lockdown and ease restrictions based on weekly positivity rate and availability of oxygen beds in the districts.

Let us inform you that the situation of Kovid-19 has improved in most of the northern and western states, while the southern and eastern parts of the country are still reporting a large number of cases of Kovid-19. Tamil Nadu Chief Minister MK Stalin announced a week-long lockdown until June 14 with some easing of restrictions from Monday, except for 11 areas where coronavirus cases are declining.

The lock will be unlocked at level 5 in Maharashtra

The Maharashtra government order states that there will be five levels of restrictions for different classes/categories of activities to lift the lockdown. The order states that these constraint levels will be implemented based on two parameters. According to the government’s 5-level plan, counties and cities under Level 1 will have minimum restrictions, while those under “Level 5” will continue with restrictions such as lockdown. In Level 1 neighborhoods, all shops, malls, and PVRs can resume operations. Besides, malls and theaters in Level 2 areas can operate at a rate of 50 per capacity. Mumbai comes on level 2, so mall theaters here will open as per the given guidelines. At the same time, at level 3, stores dealing with essential goods can be opened until 4 pm, while shops selling non-essential goods are allowed until 4 pm on weekdays. Malls and theaters will remain closed in Level 3 neighborhoods.

Delhi Metro will run at 50 percent capacity

Meanwhile, in the capital, Delhi, Chief Minister, Arvind Kejriwal, said that given the improvement in the Corona situation in the state, the Delhi metro will be operated at 50 per cent, and markets and malls will be opened on an odd and even basis. The lockdown will be extended in Delhi, but many exceptions will be granted. He said that government and private offices will be allowed to reopen with 50 percent attendance. He said that markets and malls will be allowed to open their doors on an odd and even basis from 10 in the morning until 8 in the evening. According to a government notification, in the hardest-hit state of Maharashtra, cities and districts with a positivity rate of less than five percent and oxygen beds of less than 25 percent will be fully opened.

Announcing relaxation of lockdown in Uttar Pradesh

The Uttar Pradesh government announced easing the coronavirus curfew in Bareilly and Bulandshahr districts from Monday, allowing shops and markets to open five days a week. Besides, the relief news is that there is a steady decrease in the cases of coronavirus in Uttar Pradesh. The number of areas with fewer than 600 active cases in the state has decreased from 75 to 67 counties. The curfew in these states has been extended until June 14

Ahead of Tamil Nadu, Karnataka extended the lockdown until June 14. Meanwhile, in Himachal Pradesh and Goa, the Corona curfew has also been extended until June 14. In Goa, shops selling essential goods are allowed to stay open every day between 7am and 3pm. While Himachal Pradesh has eased restrictions related to the opening of shops, restaurants and eateries under this lockdown.

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