Lalu Prasad’s birthday: The roof was falling in the pouring rain. Such was the poverty of Lalu Yadav!

Lalu Prasad's birthday: The roof was falling in the pouring rain.  Such was the poverty of Lalu Yadav!

Lalu Prasad Yadav was born on the 11th of June 1947 in the village of Vulwariya, Gopalganj District, Bihar. Lalu Yadav turns 74 years old today. Lalu Prasad Yadav, one of India’s most successful railway ministers, is also counted among the country’s top politicians. Politics is incomplete without them.

There are many corruption cases against Lalu Prasad Yadav. He was imprisoned in 1997 after being named in a feed scam. In September 2013, the court convicted him again and sentenced him to five years in prison. In 2018, the court sentenced him in various cases. He was also sentenced to 14 years in prison in one case.

Today we are going to tell you about Lalu Yadav’s ex-life. Lalu Yadav belongs to a very poor family. But he was married to Rabri, a girl from a wealthy family. Lalu Yadav’s family sometimes did not get bread twice.

Besides studying at the village school, Lalu Yadav used to herd cows in the morning and evening. Lalu Yadav married 14-year-old Rabri Devi at the age of 25. During a TV show, Rabri Devi said that she is from a wealthy home, while Lalu Yadav’s home was a bit of every penny. The house there was also a hut.

According to Alu Yadav, the entire house was turning into a waterfall in the torrential rain. But there was no regret in Rabri’s heart over this. This is the reason why Lalu Yadav liked Rabri so much.

Rabri Devi says that at the age of 14, I had an arranged marriage, but the quarrel was like marriage by love. While Rabri Devi was from a wealthy family, Lalu Yadav had to think about making sure of his every need. Lalu Yadav has 9 children, including two boys and seven girls.

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